Laser Hair Removal

A Whole New Way to Laser

At White Orchid, we believe in doing things smoother. That’s why we offer laser hair removal with the Diode laser machine—for faster, less painful results for every hair type. Sounds too good to be true? It’s backed by science – and made for the future of laser hair removal.


Pay Upfront


Full Body Package


Payment Plan


Full Body Package


Hairline Full Front$250
Hairline Back$250
Hairline Full + Back$400
Upper Lip$150
Arms Upper$300
Arms Lower$300
Legs Lower$450
Legs Upper$600

the diode difference

Pigment Targeting

Diode laser targets melanin, allowing the laser hair removal process to be effective on dark, coarse, or fine and light hair on any part of the body. Diode laser has also been proven effective on all skin types and shades.

Painless Laser

Since the Diode laser targets only melanin, the pulse quickly destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin around it. As a result, most users find Diode laser to be less painful than IPL, and may experience fewer reactions or side effects.

Fast Results

Most users see results quicker with Diode laser than with other forms of laser hair removal; with visible effects in just 5-6 sessions. That means you can reduce hair growth and appearance in just a few months.

who is
diode laser
right for?

  • Light & Dark Skin
  • Fine to Coarse Hair
  • Full Body Use


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