Signature Facials

Looking to de-stress and detox?

Our Signature Facials offer the soothing spa experience of a classic facial and the skin-glowing expertise of the White Orchid beauticians.
Each of our custom facials is developed to target your skin concerns, uncover healthier skin, and give your complexion a long-lasting boost. Our facials cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin providing you with a well-hydrated and youthful complexion.
Discover the ultimate spa experience at the White Orchid Medi Spa. Relax and unwind with facials designed to rejuvenate your skin.

Feel invigorated. Look refreshed. Get the radiant skin you deserve.


60 Min

Cleanse & Detox


This hydrating and moisturizing facial brings dewiness and comfort to your skin. A blend of powerful fruit enzymes removes dullness-causing dead skin cells, allowing moisture to deeply penetrate and rehydrate your skin.

60 Min

Illuminate & Renew


Pore extraction and deep exfoliation clarify skin congestion associated with excess oil production, providing healing and balance for oily/combo skin. This revitalizing facial helps your complexion regain clarity and luster, and improves skin texture.

75 Min

Luxe Glow Anti-Aging


This luxurious facial is packed with vitamins and nutrients to deeply regenerate and remineralize your skin. This anti-aging treatment improves your skin tone and hydration for a revived, glowing look that lasts.


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