What is included in the full-body package?
Everything! From hairline to toes, the full-body package includes all parts of the body. (Eyebrows not included due to safety concerns.)
What makes Diode Laser different from other laser treatments?
Diode laser is an advanced method, providing faster results with less discomfort. Diode is the only technology designed specifically for hair removal - which makes it more effective and targeted. All other laser technologies are created for broader use and modified for hair removal.
Is Diode Laser less painful than IPL laser?
Diode Laser targets only the hair follicle, not the skin around it. Most users find Diode to be significantly less painful than other laser treatments, but individual experiences can vary. IPL was developed for skin resurfacing, which means it targets the skin together with the hair. It’s higher pain level means that IPL can not be used on maximum settings for quicker results. Because Diode
Can I get Diode Laser treatments when pregnant?
Yes, White Orchid offers laser treatment on select body parts during pregnancy, if approved by your doctor.
What if I get pregnant once I’ve already started my treatment?
Pausing your treatment during pregnancy shouldn’t impact your results negatively. Your 2-year membership is enough time to complete your sessions, even with a break for pregnancy.
How does your membership plan work?
Instead of charging per session, or customizing a price per user, we offer a one-time purchase that includes up to two years of unlimited sessions. Our membership allows you to schedule sessions according to your needs, with no limits.
Are membership sessions really unlimited?
Yes! You have two years after your first session to complete your treatment - no matter how many sessions it takes. Sessions are scheduled every 6 weeks to ensure best results.
I want the full body package, but I don’t need certain areas done (hairline, etc). Can I get a reduced rate?
Unfortunately, the full-body package is non-negotiable. This flat rate is carefully calculated to be fair for everyone. Even if you skip certain included areas, the full-body package price is significantly less expensive than purchasing individual areas.
I’m really nervous about Diode Laser. What can I do to try it out?
We offer a FREE test patch, anytime. This small test area helps you understand the sensation level, treatment experience, and if your hair will respond to the laser properly.
Can you guarantee I’ll get the results I want?
No one can guarantee, as laser can vary based on your body. We focus on providing two years of unlimited sessions with state-of-the-art equipment — and the latest in laser technology. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your results!
Do you do the whole body in one session?
Yes. Diode laser works faster and less painfully, so we encourage you to schedule a full-body session rather than individual sessions. A full-body session takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. Our rooms are comfortable and calming, with your choice of media entertainment to make the experience truly enjoyable.
Do you recommend using a numbing cream prior to treatment?
We do not recommend using numbing cream prior to treatment, as the cream only numbs the surrounding skin. Since the Diode laser beam doesn’t affect the skin, the numbing cream doesn’t help with the discomfort. Additionally, numbing cream can also create a barrier that blocks the laser beam from entering the hair follicle, causing the laser to be less effective.
Are there any specific instructions prior to my laser appointment?
We always call our clients a day before the scheduled appointment date to inform you about anything you need to know for your visit. Most importantly, you must shave any area being treated the night before your appointment. This ensures that the laser beam enters the follicle and effectively terminates the hair growth. Clients that arrive to their appointment without shaving will,
I finished my 2-year membership, but I need a touchup! How does that work?
For the vast majority of our users, two years is more than enough time for perfectly smooth results. If for any reason, you’ve completed your full body package and still require additional treatments, you can purchase a 20-30 minute session at a flat rate of $100. (Applicable for full-body package purchases only.)
I love being in the sun! Can I get laser with a tan?
Laser hair removal can not be safely performed on tanned or burnt skin. Following treatment, your skin is exceptionally sensitive to skin exposure. If you must go into the sun after your treatment, we recommend protecting your skin with strong SPF for at least 48 hours after your session.
With teeth whitenings, what can I expect in terms of sensitivity?
You might experience mild tooth/gum sensitivity during treatment and/or a few hours proceeding the treatment.
I have a crown or false tooth, can I still get your 1-Hour Teeth Whitening?
Yes, but teeth whitening treatments do not work on a crown, veneer, or false tooth.
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